Online Brokers provide an efficient way for investors to buy and sell stocks We do a comparison of the major online brokers to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each broker.

When choosing an online broker the factors to consider are costs, trade execution, service, customer support and a user friendly site with research information.


Name Minimum to Open an Account Commissions Inactivity Fees Quarterly Notes
Market Limit No Minimum $4.50 $4.50 None 10 Free Trades a monthwith $25000 account or 25 trades a month.. Unbeatable price, great

for newer investors. $2,000 $9.99unlimited shares $9.99unlimited shares None Good research, low feesand easy to use site. $1,000 $12.95+$0.015/share over 1,000 shares $12.95+$0.015/share over 1,000 shares None $12.95 applies to first 1,000 shares, then.015 per additional share. $2,000 $12.99+$0.015/share over 2,000 shares $12.99+ $0.015/share over 2,000 shares $40 High Quarterly fees if your account isinactive and under $10,000. Does offer high yield savings accounts. No Minimum $10.00 $10.00 $15 $29.95 Monthly for unlimitedcommissions free trades. If no monthly plan, then $4 a trade through

trading windows (2x a day). Can buy fractional shares. Great

for a small investor. $2,000 .01 a share$1 min 01 a share$1 min $30 $10 monthly fee or $20 if your balancefalls below $2,000. Additional fees to cancel or modify an order.

Some other hidden fees. $500 $7.00 $7.00 None Broker assisted $27. No hiddenfees. Overall one of the lowest costs per trade for real-time

orders. $2,500 $19.95+$0.015/share over 1,000 shares $19.95+ $0.015/share over 1,000 shares None One of the few brokers that don’t chargefor closing an account. No Minimum $9.95 $9.95 None If you set a schedule to buy, then would be$4 a trade. $20 a month would give you 20 free scheduled

trades a month & $1 each additional trade. Can buy fractional

shares. Can schedule to buy/sell stock on Tuesdays only.

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